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  Welcome to greatness!

Work Experience & Interests: Production Asst, Camera Work, Dance, Choreography, Talent, Asst. Direction

(Film, Stage, Still Photo)

Declyn Raif Shelton

Dancer, choreographer, actor 

Jory Rand Shelton

Production Assistant / Model

Check out Jory's Soundcloud:

Jory 1993           

Tyran Reese Shelton

Production Assistant /

Actor / Model

Stage 32 Profile 

Shay Riley Shelton

Check out his YouTube Channel:

Shay Shelton

Hi, and welcome to Four Brothers One World.

We're all brothers (even though it may not look it), and we have spent a fair amount of time keeping our talents quiet.

We've been finding work on productions via word-of-mouth and family ties.

We thought it was about time we start sharing our talents with the world, so this website was made.

We make our own dances, write our own songs, and create our own skits.

We are going to continue working for others, honing our skills, and learning the trade (we'd love to work with you) while creating our own projects and stories.

Part of the reason we are doing this is because we are quite tired of not being famous, and We feel that needs to change.

Also, we're all (mostly) finally out of school. We have the time, talent, and intention.

So watch, read, and enjoy all that we have to offer here.

Also, feel free to contact us (all contact info is on our contact page) if you'd like to collaborate, hire, or interview one or all of us.


Jory, Tyran, Shay, and Declyn Shelton 

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